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Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

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Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

Resistor voltage divider calculator will help you to find the values of unknown resistors in a voltage divider circuit in easy way. Also, the below article gives detail about the voltage divider circuit.

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Voltage Divider Calculator

A resistor voltage divider calculator has been provided. This calculator will help you to perform easily and quickly calculation to find resistor values with accuracy in a voltage divider circuit.

Consider an example to better understand the use of this calculator; to find the resistors needed to produce 5 volts at "Vout" from a 24 volt source with 2 milliamp, the value 24 would be entered in the "Input Voltage" space, 0.002 in the "Current" space, and 5 in the "Vout" field. By clicking the Calculate button you will get the values of R1 and R2 resistors along with their respective wattage's.

The calculator below can be used to find the unknown resistor values of the voltage divider circuit as shown below. The "Vout" represents the output voltage across the R2 resistor.

Vin (V)
I (A)
R1 (Ω)
R2 (Ω)
Vout (V)
R1 (W)
R2 (W)
Please insert the values of Input voltage (Vin), Current (I) and required Output voltage (Vout); then press "Calculate" button. Calculator will provide the values of resistor R1 and R2 along with their respective wattages.

An excel sheet also provided which you can download by clicking below symbol, which you can use any time by saving it in your laptop or mobile.

Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

What is Voltage Divider?

In this circuit resistors are connected in series, if we apply the voltage at input through the pair of resistor and the output voltage we measured at the linking connection between them, then this circuit is called as Voltage Divider Circuit.

This circuit turns large voltage to small voltage because this circuit generates an output voltage (Vout) which is a division of its input voltage (Vin).

Below schematic is for the Voltage Divider;

Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator

Output voltage of the voltage divider can be calculated by the below given formula;
Vout = Vin [R2 (R1 + R2)]


Voltage divider circuit is a simple circuit where we can achieve required voltage by controlling the current through resistors.