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PCB Trace Resistance Calculator

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PCB Trace Resistance

PCB Trace Resistance Calculator

Enter the values in empty cells and press CALCULATE button to calculate the value of PCB trace Resistance.

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PCB Trace Resistance Calculator
PCB Trace Resistance Calculator presented here will help you to find the correct thickness of the PCB trace which will support correct flow of current in PCB.

PCB trace resistance formula

PCB Trace Resistance = [Resistivity*Length/Area]*1 + [Thermal_Coeff*(temp - 20)]

Resistivity = 6.787 x 10-7 Ohm - inch
Area = Width x Thickness
Thermal_Coefficient = .0039 ohm / °C

What is PCB trace?

In PCB’s (printed circuit boards), the trace is mostly referred as the connecting links of copper that is made or placed or printed on the board. The PCB trace resistance means the parts of a PCB that resist the flow of a current.

What is PCB trace resistance?

The PCB trace resistance we can define as, it is directly proportional to the length of the wire and inversely proportional to the area of the cross section of the wire.

Importance of PCB trace resistance

PCB trace resistance decides flow of current between the components in PCB.

The trace resistance of a thin copper track or trace is very important in finding out it's power dissipation. By finding the trace resistance whole PCB resistance can be calculated.

PCB trace resistance calculator

To calculate PCB resistance, we have to first focus on PCB trace width, as it is an important design parameter in PCB design because a suitable trace width makes sure that it can transfer the preferred amount of current without overheating and damaging the PCB.

High current needs the thicker traces on PCB but a thicker copper weight allows thinner traces.

PCB trace resistance also increases with the increase in the temperature.

PCB trace resistance calculator will help to calculate an approximation of the minimum trace width for a given supply current and for copper weight.


Now we know importance of PCB trace. A proper selected PCB trace helps PCB to work properly. There will be no damage to PCB because of current. PCB trace resistance calculator will help to achieve this.

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